1953 Milwaukee Braves

1953 Milwaukee Braves

On March 18, 1953 baseball announced that the Boston Braves baseball team would be moving to Milwaukee. The first such move in 50 years. That announcement not only caused pandemonium in Milwaukee, it caused pandemonium in the entire state of Wisconsin. I was 15 at the time of the announcement and I was living in Pewaukee, a small village 25 miles west of Milwaukee. I loved my American Association Milwaukee Brewers and I was a huge Cubs fan. I dropped the Cubs like a hot potato. I immediately fell in love with the cast offs from Boston. That love continues today. Of the original 1953 Milwaukee Braves, two players have entered the hallowed halls of the baseball hall of fame, Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathews. The Milwaukee Braves finished with a 92-62 record good for second place behind the Brooklyn Dodgers who tore up the league with a 105-49 record.

The starting lineup for the April 14, 1953 opening day Milwaukee Brave:

Bruton, CF

Logan, SS

Mathews, 3B

Gordon, LF

Pafko, RF

Adcock, 1B

Crandall, C

Dittmer, 2B

Spahn, P