Brief History of M.A.R.E.


by Ron Sayles

The first meeting of what eventually evolved into the Milwaukee Area Radio Enthusiasts, hereinafter, MARE was to have taken place on May 31, 1975, For some reason the meeting was canceled. However, another meeting was scheduled for August 10, 1975 by an organizing committee that consisted of Don De Green, John Kent, Ken Pabst, Hugh Carlson and Jed Dolnick.

That meeting, informal in nature, was held at the Public House Tavern on South Second Street in Milwaukee. The main purpose for the meeting was to get an idea of how many people in the Milwaukee area were interested in forming a club dealing with Olde Tyme Radio. No official count was taken, but it was estimated that between 40 and 50 people were in attendance. How many were there just for the beer will never be known.

Because of the large turnout it was clear that the interest was there. It was decided by all who were there that the first formal meeting would take place in two weeks. It was left up to Jed Dolnick to make the arrangements.

The first official meeting of the club, not yet known as the Milwaukee Area Radio Enthusiasts was held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Union, room W151 on a sweltering August 24, 1975. Hugh Carlson of WTMJ was the coordinator and Larry Teich, the creator of Billie the Brownie was the guest speaker. After Larry's remarks a short recess was taken. When everyone returned from their recess several important issues had to be addressed.

By the very nature of this being meeting number one, it was the organizational meeting. Several issues had to be resolved. Issues such as, what should the name of the club be, what should the purpose or purposes of the club be, who should the membership be open to, what should the cost be, what should the responsibilities of the officers be and how long should they serve. All mundane, but all important

The first order of business was the name. Several suggestions were taken from the floor. After considerable discussion the name Milwaukee Area Radio Enthusiasts or MARE was put before the membership. It was passed unanimously. Because several members did not live in Milwaukee it was felt that this name was more reflective of the membership. After this was done the constitution was hammered out. It was read to the membership and each point was either rejected or modified. Once that was done it was ratified by the members present.

The first slate of officers elected for MARE were John Kent, president; Ken Pabst, vice-president; Jed Dolnick, secretary and Tom Sohner, treasurer. Don De Green was appointed archivist.

The membership has more or less remained steady throughout the years, but the members that we do have are very active