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  • MARE By-Laws



    The name of this organization will be "Milwaukee Area Radio Enthusiasts" (MARE); hereinafter the club.


    A. To promote the preservation and enjoyment of Old Time Radio, hereinafter, OTR.

    B. To promote, as a non-profit organization, the best interests of the membership.

    C. To conduct meetings for the entertainment and benefit of its members and guests.

    D. To cooperate with all other groups in the promotion of OTR.


    A. Membership will be open to anyone having an interest in OTR subject to payment of dues.

    B. Membership dues will be paid within thirty (30) days after initial acceptance into the club. In subsequent years, dues will be paid at, or before the September meeting.

    C. Membership dues are as follows:

    Family Annual dues $18.00

    Individual Annual dues $12.00

    Student Annual dues $6.00

    Family is defined as immediate family members who are interested in OTR.

    Student is defined as anyone in school up to 23 years of age who is interested in OTR.

    D. Membership dues will be prorated for new members who join after the September meeting. The dues will be reduced by 1/6th for each successive meeting.

    E. Membership privileges are as follows:

    1. Each member in good standing will be eligible for election as an officer of this club or appointed as a member of any committee.

    2. Each member in good standing will be entitled to vote on all club matters.

    3. Each member in good standing will be entitled to purchase from the club a tape catalog, also receive all notices, publications and tape catalog up-dates of the club.

    4. Each member in good standing will be entitled to all other benefits of membership.


    A. The elected officers of this club will be the president, vice president and secretary/treasurer. All other positions may be elected or appointed as is appropriate and at the pleasure of the membership.

    B. The term of office for all elected officers will be two years. All elected officers are eligible for reelection as often as the membership sees fit.

    C. The elections will be held at the September meeting.

    D. When a vacancy occurs, the membership will elect a replacement at the next meeting to fill out the existing term of office.


    A. The president will:

    1. Preside at all meetings.

    2. Appoint all special and standing committees.

    3. Perform such duties as the membership may request.

    B. The vice president will:

    1. Perform the duties of the president in the event of the president's absence or incapacity.

    2. Perform such other duties as the membership may request.

    C. The secretary/treasurer will:

    1. Be responsible for all funds of the club.

    2. Keep regular accounts and report the clubs financial position at each meeting.

    3. Have the power to dispense all funds as directed by the membership.

    4. Keep a current membership list and publish it once a year for use by the membership.

    5. Make and keep minutes of all meetings of the club.

    6. Conduct all official correspondence for the club.

    7. Receive and file all reports of all officers and committees of the club.

    D. The archivist will:

    1. Maintain the club's tape library in accord with procedures set down by the membership.

    2. Have the right to request an assistant be appointed.

    E. The book librarian will maintain the club's book library in accord with procedures set down by the membership.

    F. The catalog librarian will maintain the club's catalogs and other printed material for distribution to the membership.

    G. The newsletter editor will edit and publish the club newsletter.

    H. The sunshine fund chairperson will be empowered to act in the club's name in sending an appropriate token of remembrance to members of their families in the event of illness or death.

    I. The historian will:

    1. Collect and archive all the minutes and notes of each meeting, these will be provided by the secretary.

    2. Collect and archive all newsletters, these will be provided by the newsletter editor.

    3. Collect all rare and/or historical material so deemed by the president.


    A. The executive board will consist of the elected officers and the past president.

    B. The executive board will be empowered to act in the name of the club any situation requiring immediate action.


    A. Meetings will be held six (6) times a year on the third Sunday of the month. The months of the meetings are as follows:

    September - Elections - Dues






    B. The Meetings will be open to the general public.


    Amendments to the by-laws may be made at any regular or special meeting at which a majority of the members are present