A Day in the Life of Dennis Day

A Day in the Life of Dennis Day

Dennis Day

Born on May 21, 1916 in The Bronx, New York

Died on June 22, 1988 in Bel Air, California of Lou Gehrig's disease


NBC, 1946-1951

A 30-minute situation comedy featuring the singer-comedian from the Jack Benny Show, also known as the "Dennis Day Show." Dennis Day played a character of the same name, who was a soda jerk in a small-town drugstore, and who had a variety of troubles with his girlfriend, Mildred, and her parents. Mildred was played by Sharon Douglas and later by Barbara Eiler. Vern Smith was the announcer

Dennis Day, born Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty, was an Irish-American singer and radio, television and film personality.

Day appeared for the first time on Jack Benny's radio show on October 8, 1939, taking the place of another famed tenor, Kenny Baker. He remained associated with Benny's radio and television programs until Benny's death in 1974. He was introduced (with actress Verna Felton playing his mother) as a young (nineteen year old), naive boy singer ― a character he kept through his whole career. His first song was "Goodnight My Beautiful".

Besides singing, Dennis Day was an excellent mimic. He did many imitations on the Benny program of various noted celebrities of the era, such as Ronald Colman, Jimmy Durante, and James Stewart.

From 1944 through 1946, he served in the US Navy as a Lieutenant. On his return to civilian life, he continued to work with Benny while also starring on his own NBC show, A Day in the Life of Dennis Day (1946–1951). Day's having two programs in comparison to Benny's one was the subject of numerous jokes and gags on Benny's show, usually revolving around Day rubbing Benny's, and sometimes other cast members and guest stars' noses in that fact. His last radio series was a comedy/variety show that aired briefly on NBC during the 1954-55 season.