Abie's Irish Rose


Mercedes McCambridge

Born: March 16, 1916; Joliet, Illinois

Died: March 2, 2004; La Jolla, California of natural causes


NBC, 1942-1944

A situation comedy that revolved around the ethnic differences encountered by a Jewish boy and an Irish Catholic bride in New York City, this program was based on Anne Nichol's very successful play of the same name. The show first appeared as an episode on NBC's "Knickerbocker Playhouse" on January 24, 1942, and proved to be so popular that it eventually replaced the parent program. Abie and Rosemary were played by Sydney Smith and Betty Winkler during the first year, by Richard Coogan and Mercedes McCambridge during the second year, and several other actors and actresses subsequently. The show later served as the basis for the television show "Bridget Loves Bernie."