Cisco, Kid, The

Cisco, Kid, The

Jack Mather

Born on September 21, 1907 in California

Died on August 15, 1966 in Wauconda, Illinois


MBS, 1942-1954

A 30-minute juvenile western adventure program loosely based on O. Henry's romantic character, a sort of Mexican Robin Hood who journeyed through the west with his fat sidekick, Pancho. Cisco always ended up kissing the girl, and Pancho always made a bad pun at the end of the show. In the original version, Jackson Beck played Cisco and Pancho was played by Louis Sorin. In a later re-creation, Jack Mather played Cisco and Pancho was played by Harry Lang and Mel Blanc. The announcers were Marvin Miller and Michael Rye. The later version was syndicated and was sometimes broadcast three times weekly as a part of "Sagebrush Theater." The program offered many different premiums, including puzzles, masks and several documents related to membership in the Cisco Kid Rancher Club. The Cisco Kid secret compartment picture ring is now very valuable.