David Harum

Prud'homme, Cameron

Cameron Prud'homme

Born: December 16, 1892; Auburn, California

Died: November 27, 1967; Pompton Plains, New Jersey of cancer


NBC, CBS, 1936-1950

A 15 minute daytime serial drama produced by Frank and Anne Hummert. David Harum was a small-town banker and country philosopher who helped those who needed help and foiled those who were too clever or conniving. David, who never married, lived with his sister, Polly Benson, known to all in Homeville as "Aunt Polly." During the course of the long run there were many cast changes. The title role was played by Wilmer Walter, Craig McDonnell and Camemron Prud'homme. Polly was played by Charme Allen and Eve Condon. Her husband, James, who ran the local hotel, was played by Bennet Kilpack. Ford Bond was the announcer. The theme was "Sunbonnet Sue," hummed by Stanley Davis, who also played the guitar accompaniment.