Don Winslow of the Navy

Don Winslow of the Navy

Bob Guilbert

Born on December 22, 1911 in Wisconsin

Died on October 19, 1990


BLUE, 1937-1939; ABC, 1942-1943

A 15-minute juvenile adventure serial based on the comic strip of the same name by Frank Martinek featuring Commander Don Winslow, a Naval Intelligence agent, and his sidekick, Lieutenant Red Pennington. In the original show, Commander Winslow was played by Bob Guilbert and Red by Edward Davison. After being off the air from 1939 to 1942, the show returned with Raymond Edward Johnson as Winslow and John Gibson as Red. Through many of the episodes Don and Red battled an arch criminal named The Scorpion. Many premiums were offered, including membership in the "Squadron of Peace." including the Don Winslow Creed, a manual and a membership cared.

Bob Guilbert was twice a guest speaker for the Milwaukee Area Radio Enthusiasts.