Duffy's Tavern

20914 - Duffy's Tavern

Ed Gardner

Born in Astoria, New York on June 29, 1901

Died in Hollywood, California on August 17, 1963 of a diseased liver


CBS, ABC, NBC, 1941-1951

Everything old is new again, think "Cheers."

A 30-minute situation comedy set in a seedy New York bar populated by a collection of comedic characters, including the manager, Archie. Duffy was never heard on the show, but Archie talked to him every week on the phone. Archie was played throughout the run by Ed Gardner, who conceived the show. Miss Duffy, the daughter of the never-herd owner, was originally played by Shirley Booth, who at the time was married to Gardner. After she left the show in 1943, a long series of actresses played the role. Florence Halop lasting the longest. Eddie the waiter was played by Eddie Green, one of the first black comics to appear on network radio. The amazingly stupid Finnegan was played by Charlie Cantor. Clancy the cop was played by Alan Reed. Announcers included Jimmy Wallington, Marvin Miller and Rod O'Connor. Music was by the Joe Venuti, Reet Veet Reeves and Matty Malneck orchestras.