Heinie and the Grenadiers

Heinie and the Grenadiers

Jack Bundy

Born: August 30, 1903; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Died: November 30, 1973; Elm Grove, Wisconsin of a ruptured blood vessel in his aorta


WTMJ 1930s-1950s


"Heinie and His Grenadiers" were once a major presence in Milwaukee radio, being broadcast on WTMJ (The Milwaukee Journal) from the 1930s right into the 1950s.

In 1947 me, along with my third grade classmates, took a field trip to the huge metropolis of Milwaukee, well, huge if you are from Pewaukee, to see a live broadcast of "Heinie and His Grenadiers." As it turned out that was to be the one and only live radio broadcast of old time radio I was destined to see. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember that I had a lot of fun.

“Heinie and his Grenadiers” played German folk music and spoke in thick German accents, at least until the start of World War II.

This is a snippet from a music article found on the University of Wisconsin site:

“This blending of German and English is no more evident than in the activities of Jack Bundy, a Milwaukee radio announcer in the 1930s and ‘40s. For comedic effect, Bundy adopted a German persona as leader of “Heinie und his Grenadiers,” a band which featured performances of German folk music on its regular radio broadcasts.

“The band was immensely popular and made recordings for Decca and Coral Records. Heinie responded to listener mail with post cards which included his photograph and a brief message employing his characteristic parody of the German-American accent and phrase structure: ‘Ve hopes you keep listenin’ in, unt dot you writes again, so often vot you like.’”

By the time I had seen the Grenadiers Jack Bundy was gone.

MARE is indeed fortunate to have as one of its members Ralph Luedtke, the foremost expert on Heinie. To read a fact filled article click on "Milwaukee Radio Programs, where you also read about other programs originating from Milwaukee.

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