I Fly Anything

I Fly Anything

Dick Haymes

Born: September 13, 1918; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Died: March 28, 1980; Los Angeles, California of lung cancer


ABC 11/29/1950-7/19/1951

Cast: Dick Haymes as Dockery Crane, "fast-moving, hard-hitting, romantic air cargo pilot." George Fenneman as Buzz, his co-pilot and sidekick. Georgia Ellis as June, their office manager. Support from Hollywood radio regulars: Lurene Tuttle, Eddie Marr, etc. Announcers: Lou Cook, Jay Arden. Music: Basil Adlam, Rex Maupin. Director: Dwight Hause. Writers: Arnold Perl and Abe Ginniss with Les Crutchfield, etc.

The pairing of Dick Haymes (who had made his name as a popular singer) and George Fenneman (one of radio's smoothest announcers) as actors in an adventure series was unusual. As Crane, Haymes played a pilot whose seat-of-the-pants operation included one old DC-4, appropriately named "the Flying Eight-Ball." The opening signature gave ample evidence of content:

Flight 743 calling La Guardia Field . . .

Is that you, Crane? What're you bringing in, tea, teak, or teepee poles?

I got a tradewind tan, a tall tale about a tribal treasure, a tropical tramp, and  torrid Tahitian tomato. You know me - I fly anything!