The Jimmy Durante Show

Jimmy Durante Show, The

Garry Moore

Born on January 31, 1915 in Baltimore, Maryland

Died on November 28, 1993 in Hilton Head, South Carolina of emphysema

Jimmy Durante

Born on February 10, 1893 in New York City

Died on January 29, 1980 in Santa Monica California of pneumonia


NBC, CBS, 1934-1950

Durante was a piano-playing singer-comedian who actually played and sang very little, using music essentially as a prop for his language-mangling comedy routines. Although he had made many previous appearances, his radio career really began when he and Garry Moore combined to take over the "Camel Caravan" in 1943 as replacements for Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Moore was a crew-cut. slick-talking radio professional who was 22 years younger than Durante, but they worked well together and the contrast in their ages and styles was a part of their attraction. Their show was titled differently on alternate weeks, each star having a turn at first billing. In 1945, Rexall became the sponsor and the progrm was called "The Rexall Drug Program" or "The Jimmy Durante Show." Moore left the show in 1947 and Durante carried on alone, sponsored by Rexall for a year, then again by Camels.