The Judy Canova Show

Judy Canova Show, The

Judy Canova

Born on November 20, 1913 in Starke, Florida

Died on August 5, 1983 in Hollywood, California of cancer


CBS, NBC, 1943-1953

A 30-minute situation comedy based on the story of a country bumpkin who moved to the big city to live with her aunt. Musical interludes were by the Sportsmen Quartet and Judy, who sang both in hillbilly dialect and in her natural vice, which was good, she had trained in grand opera. Several orchestras were utilized during the run, including Opie Cates, Charles Dant and Gordon Jenkins. Judy's supporting cast included Hans Conried, Verna Felton, Ruby Dandridge, Sheldon Leonard and Mel Blanc as Pedro the Mexican handyman. Several features of the show were so popular that they became part of pop culture: Judy's pigtails became a campus fashion craze in 1943 and Pedro's entry line, "Pardon me for talking in your face, senorita," was a national joke.