Pal (Lassie)

Born on June 4, 1940 in North Hollywood, California

Died in 1958 of natural causes

Rudd Weatherwax

Born on September 23, 1907 in Engle, Sierra County, New Mexico

Died on February 25, 1985 in Los Angles, California of a respiratory ailmenet


ABC, NBC, 1947-1950

A 15-minute weekly program based on the adventures of Lassie, the amazing collie who had been the heroine of the very popular film. "Lassie Come Home." Rudd Weatherwax, her trainer, narrated the show and cued Lassie for the barks, growls and other dog noises required by the script. Earl Keen did the other dogs in the script and filled in when Lassie missed a cue. Children in the studio audience were entranced by both Lassie's performance and by that of Keen. Red Heart Dog Food sponsored the program for the entire run.