Little Orphan Annie

Little Orphan Annie

Shirley Bell

Born on February 21, 1920 in Chicago,Illinois

Died on January 12, 2010 in Arizona of natural causes


BLUE, MBS, 1931-1943

A 15-minure juvenile adventure program based on the comic strip by Harold Gray, this was the prototype for all children's serials for the next 20 years. The program differed from the comic strip, including several characters who did not appear in the printed version. Annie was played by Shirley Bell and Janice Gilbert. Her buddy Joe Corntassel was played by Allan Baaruck and Mel Tormé. Daddy Warbucks was played by Henry Saxe, Stanley Andrews and Boris Aplon. Ma and Pa Silo were played by Henrietta Tedro and Jerry O'Mera. Pierre André was Uncle Andy, the announcer. Animal sound specialist Brad Barker was the voice of Sandy, Annie's dog. The Ovaltine shake-up mug, which sometimes cost only a proof of purchase from an Ovaltine can, is one of the best remembered of all radio premiums. Premiums often referred to the show as "Radio Orphan Annie."