Lux Radio Theatre

Lux Radio Theatre

Cecil B. deMille

Born on August 12, 1881 in Ashfield, Massachusetts

Died on Jaunary 21, 1959 in Hollywood, California of a heart ailment


NBC, CBS, 1934-1955

A long-running 60-minure dramatic anthology that was originally produced in New York, the program moved to the Music Box Theatre in Hollywood in 1936. Cecil B. deMille became the host, and the very biggest names in Hollywood became the stars of each episode, usually starring in an adaptation of a movie in which they had appeared. The program was produced on a grand scale: there were 25 in the Louis Silvers orchestra, and more than 50 people were required for each show. When DeMille left in a political dispute in 1945, there was a brief period during which various big-name stars guest-hosted the show until William Keighley became the permanent host in November of that year. He was later succeeded by irving Cummings.