McGarry and His Mouse

McGarry and His Mouse

Peggy Conklin

Born: November 2, 1906 in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Died: March 18, 2003 in Naples, Florida of natural causes


NBC, MBS, 1946-1947

A 30 minute weekly comic detective series based on the magazine series by Matt Taylor. There were many cast changes during the short run. Bumbling detective Dan McGarry was played by Roger Pryor, Wendell Corey and Ted de Corsia. Kitty Archer, his "mouse," was played by Shirley Mitchell, Peggy Conklin and Patsy Campbell. Betty Garde and Thelma Ritter lasted the entire year as Kitty's mother and best friend, respectively. Bert Parks was the announcer, with music by the Peter Van Steeden orchestra.