My Friend Irma

My Friend Irma

Marie Wilson

Born on August 19, 1916 in Anaheim, California

Died on November 23, 1972 in Hollywood, California of cancer

Cathy Lewis

Born on December 27, 1916 in Spokane, Washington

Died on November 20, 1968 in Hollywood, California of cancer


CBS, 1947-1954

A 30-minute comedy featuring Mare Wilson as Irma Peterson, a legal secretary who was the ultimate dumb blond. Her roommate, Jane Stacy, who narrated the stories as well as participating in them, was the opposite; rational, intelligent and logical. Jane, played by Cathy Lewis and later Joan Banks, was hopeful of marrying her wealthy boss Richard Rhinelander the Third, played by Leif Erickson. Irma had a worthless boyfriend named Al, played by John Brown. The girls were visited on each show by Professor Kropotkin, who lived downstairs and was played by Hans Conried. Irma's landlady, Mrs. O'Reilly, was played by Gloria Gordon, the mother of well-known radio actor Gale Gordon. Music was by the Lud Gluskin orchestra. There were several announcers, including Wendell Niles, Frank Bingman and Johnny Jacobs.