Take It or Leave It

Hawk, Bob

Bob Hawk

Born: December 15, 1907; Creston, Iowa

Died: July 4, 1989; Laguna Hills, California


CBS, NBC, 1940-1052

A long running 30-minute quiz program on which contestants answered a series of progressively difficult questions, each worth double the cash amount of the previous question, up to the maximum of $64. At any point, the contestant could stop and take his or her winnings. If a question was answered incorrectly, all winnings were forfeited. Bob Hawk was the first host, but there were several others during the course of the long run, including Garry Moore, Jack Paar, Eddie Cantor and Phil Baker. There were also several announcers, including Ken Roberts, David Ross, Ken Nles and Jay Stewart. The name changed to "The Sixty-Four Dollar Question"  in 1950.