Tennessee Jed

Tennessee Jed

Don MacLaughlin

Born on November 24, 1906 in Webster, Iowa

Died on May 28, 1986 in New York City


ABC, 1945-1947

A 15 minute juvenile adventure series set on the frontier just after the Civil War. Jed Sloan was a sharpshooter with both rifle and six-gun who always hit his targets "dead center" and rode his horse Smoky throughout the west, fighting for order and justice. He eventually became a government agent, working directly for President Grant. Jed was played first by Johnny Thomas and later by Don MacLaughlin. Juano Hernandez appeared frequently as an Indian Chief and Raymond Edward Johnson played Masters, the gambler. The theme song was sung by Elton Britt and Court Benson was the announcer. The program was somewhat different from most juvenile series, featuring yodeling and guitar music bridges.