The Fat Man

The Fat Man

J. Scott Smart

Born on November 27, 1902 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died on January 15, 1960 in Springfield, Illinois of pancreatic cancer


ABC, 1946-1951

A 30-minute detective thriller detailing the adventures of Brad Runyon,  private detective who weighed 239 pounds. Each show began with the sound of a penny being dropped into a drugstore scale and the subsequent announcement of his weight. Although the character was created by Dashiell Hammett, the actual scripting was done by Richard Ellington and Lawrence Klee, among others. Runyon was a sort of cross between Sam Spade and Nick Charles, other Hammett detective characters. He was played by J. Scott Smart, who at the time weighed 270 pounds himself. Ed Begley co-starred. Music was by be the Bernard Green orchestra. The announcer was Charles Irving. There was also an Australian version with a different cast.