The Jack Carson Show

The Jack Carson Show

Jack Carson

Born: October 27, 1910; Carmen, Manitoba, Canada raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Died: January 2,1963 in Encino, California of stomach cancer


CBS, NBC, 1943-1956

A 30-minute situation comedy that was an outgrowth of an earlier show, "The Signal Carnival", also starring Carson. His own program featured Dave Willock, Arthur Treacher and Eddie Marr as regulars, Dale Evans as the vocalist and music by Freddy Martin and Bud Dant orchestras. The announcers were Del Sharbutt and Howard Petrie. The program was off the air during 1947-1948 while Carson took over as host of the "Sealtest Village Store," but returned in 1948 with new cast members, including vocalist Marion Hutton and Frank De Vol's orchestra. Leaving the air in 1949, he returned with yet another version of his program in 1954-1956 on CBS.