The Red Skelton Show

The Red Skelton Show

Red Skelton

Born on July 18, 1913 in Vincennes, Indiana

Died on September 17, 1997 in Rancho Mirage, California of pneumonia


NBC, 1941-1952

Comedian Red Skelton was made the headliner on "Avalon Time" in 1939 and then given his own show in 1941, supported by Harriet Hilliard, Wonderful Smith and the Ozzie Nelson orchestra. The program was composed of musical numbers and comedy skits. The skits usually featured one of Skelton's many absurd characters: Junior, the mean little kid; Clem Kadidlehopper, the incredibly stupid bumpkin and Deadeye, the fastest gun in the west. Truman Bradley and Pat McGeehan were the announcers. Skelton was drafted in 1944. When he returned in late 1945, Anita Ellis became the female vocalist, Lurene Tuttle replaced Harriet Hilliard in the comedy sketches and Verna Felton and GeGe Pearson were added to the cast. Music was by the David Forrester orchestra and Rod O'Connor was the announcer.