The Voice of Firestone

The Voice of Firestone

Howard Barlow

Born on May 1, 1892 in Plain City, Ohio

Died on January 31, 1972 in Danbury, Connecticut


NBC, ABC, 1928-1957

Heard Monday at 8:30 P.M. for over 27 years. "The Voice of Firestone" was a prestige musical program sponsored by the Firestone Tire Company that offered all kinds of music, but tended toward semi-classical or concert musical selections. Known as the "Firestone Concert" until 1937, the program began with a 17-piece orchestra that later grew to over 80 pieces. There was a long series of distinguished musical directors, including William Daly, Hugo Mariani, Alfred Wallenstein and Howard Barlow. Guest vocalists were often the biggest names from the Metropolitan Opera. Richard Crooks and Margaret Speaks were regulars during the late 1930s and early 1940s. Christopher Lynch and Eleanor Steber later alternated the starring role. Hugh James was the announcer.