Twenty-Six by Corwin

Twenty-Six by Corwin

Norman Corwin

Born on May 3, 1910 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died on October 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, California


CBS, 1941

A 30-minute drama anthology program presenting a series of original dramas by Norman Corwin.

26 By Corwin comprised twenty-six new scripts, many of which would appear in Columbia Workshop productions again and again over the following eleven years. Two of the scripts were rebroadcast during 26 By Corwin, and one script apparently remains unaired--Corwin's An Afternoon With Nick. An Afternoon With Nick remains an intriguing unanswered footnote to the series as it's purportedly the account of Corwin's daily walks with his bird dog, 'Nick', who apparently remained at his side for much of the time period during which Corwin hid away in a lodge to write the scripts for 26 By Corwin. Apparently there's something of an account of Corwin, 'Nick' and Lyn Murray and their time spent in the woods during that period in Lyn Murray's autobigraphical Musician: A Hollywood Journal, which Murray published in 1987. As a further footnote, An Afternoon With Nick should not be confused with Corwin's subsequent A Walk With Nick from Corwin's Columbia Presents Corwin production of July 31, 1945, starring John Hodiak. The two scripts bear no resemblance to each other.