Wendy Warren and the News

Wendy Warren and the News

Douglas Edwards

Born: July 14, 1917; Ada, Oklahoma

Died: October 13, 1990; Sarasota, Florida of cancer

Freeman, Florence

Florence Freeman

Born: July 29, 1911; New York, New York

Died: April 25, 2000


CBS, 1947-1959

This was a 15-minute daily serial drama depicting the story of a female radio newscaster. The program opened with three minutes of genuine news bulletins, ready by genuine newscaster Douglas Edwards. At the end of these bulletins, Edwards introduced Wendy wiwth the news for the ladies. Wendy, played by Florence Freeman, then did a brief summary of news items of particular interest to women. After a commercial break, Wendy stepped away from the microphone and began her off-the-air life, complete with two boyfriends, Mark Douglas and millionaire publisher Gil Kendal, two other women who wanted them, and the usual array of soap opera troubles. Mark was played by Lamont Johnson, Gil by Les Tremayne. Wendy's father, Sam, was played by Rod Hendrickson.